rimworld n.

a planet orbiting a star near the edge of a galaxy, typically regarded as being isolated from galactic culture

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1957 R. A. Heinlein Citizen of Galaxy in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 125/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Hydra was cruising above speed-of-light toward the Rim world Ultima Thule, where she would refuel and start prowling for outlaws.

  • 1959 A. B. Chandler Run the Rim in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 9/1 page image A. Bertram Chandler bibliography

    So this, he thought, is Lorn, industrial hub of the Rim Worlds. This is as far as I go. This is where I get off. There’s no farther to go.

  • 1962 M. Moorcock Sundered Worlds Nov.β€”Dec. 7 Michael Moorcock

    Two years previously Renark had suddenly resigned from his position as Warden of the Rim Worlds.

  • 1965 J. Brunner Altar on Asconel iii. 20 John Brunner

    The Empire never embraced the whole of the galaxy, though people generally assume it did. It could be a Rim world, some distance from the hub.

  • 1967 F. A. Javor Rim-world Legacy xxii. 96

    Rook was like so many of our rim-world people, given to much thinking, much brooding, much pondering upon the fact of his existence.

  • 1977 C. Kapp Chaos Weapon iii. 30

    That argument sounds convincing to us, but I doubt if it would cut much ice on a Rim world before the alien threat became a reality.

  • 1982 J. Yolen Dragon's Blood xii

    Betting syndicates developed, and starship crews on long rim-world voyages began to frequent the planets for illicit gambling.

  • 1999 E. Brown Hunting the Slarque in Interzone Mar. 8/2 page image Eric Brown bibliography

    The very sailship journey from the rim world of Tartarus to the Core planet of Million would have bankrupted him.

  • 2015 Starburst (#417) Oct. 103/1 page image

    The central plot revolves around a gathering of Imperial leaders (called Moffs) gathering on Akiva, a distant Outer Rim world.

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Dan Tilque suggested "Rimworld Legacy" by F.A Javor, and Douglas Winston submitted cites from the 1967 first printing.
Irene Grumman submitted a 1962 cite from Michael Moorcock's "The Sundered Worlds".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite for "Rim world" from a reprint of Robert A. Heinlein's "Citizen of the Galaxy": Mike Christie verified this in its original publication in Astounding Science Fiction, November 1957.

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