offworld n.

a place away from Earth, or a particular planet or world regarded as the native world; another world or planet


SF Encyclopedia

  • 1987 D. Ackerman Why Horror Movies Still Gnaw at Us in N.Y. Times 5 Apr. ii. 24/2 Diane Ackerman

    [In Blade Runner] Harrison Ford plays a down-and-dirty police assassin, who has been sent into this underworld to find humanoid robots who have escaped from the offworld and come to earth to find their inventor, just as Frankenstein’s monster searches for his.

  • 1995 Columbian (Nexis) 30 Oct. a9

    They centered the action on an offworld called Goblin.

  • 2000 A. E. Cowdrey Crux in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 44

    Genghis even had a pompous tomb set amid the floodlights—not that his bones were in it; nobody had ever found them. But yokels from the offworlds visited Ulanor specifically to gaze upon the grave of this greatest (and bloodiest) Unifier of them all.

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