sublight n.

speeds below light-speed

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1967 J. K. Klein On Conquered Earth in Worlds of If December 43/1 page image

    The Hirokan spacer braked fiercely down from the dark gamma radiation of faster than light…and into the invisibility of sublight.

  • 1976 J. L. Chalker Jungle of Stars 110 Jack L. Chalker

    The pilot’s flagship deployed some of the newcomers along the entire D-line front while keeping the original ships at sub-light.

  • 1980 D. F. Glut Empire Strikes Back 74

    ‘At sublight, they may be faster, but we can still out-maneuver them. Hold on!’ Suddenly the Corellian shifted his ship’s course.

  • 1981 V. N. McIntyre Entropy Effect iii. 76 Vonda N. McIntyre

    'Twould be better to stay at sublight.

  • 1986 D. Carey Battlestations! viii. 158 Diane Carey

    So why was I still clicking along at sublight?

  • 1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 300 Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye bibliography

    The ship was capable of running on its own power indefinitely in sublight, or making a single warp jump between short sprints before recharging.

  • 1991 D. Stabenow Second Star v. 114 Dana Stabenow

    Yeah, could we slow to sublight now?

  • 1992 V. Vinge Fire upon Deep i. viii. 50 Vernor Vinge bibliography

    Nuwen had spent his life crawling at sublight between human-colonized star systems.

  • 1992 R. M. Meluch Queen's Squadron 65

    At the point of crossing from sublight to FTL, the traveler disappears from this universe, but there is no energy flash to account for the destruction of the matter. We postulate that the traveler switches places with a doppelganger, one that does not exist in real space-time, so we don’t see it.

  • 1997 S. Zettel Fool's War ii. 44

    The Pasadena’s flight clocks had to be in sync with each other as well as with the outside, but not just for timing torch bursts for sublight navigation. Navigation past light speed was impossible. To change direction, they would have to drop down to sublight, change the ship’s flight angle and jump again.

  • 2010 M. A. Martin Seize the Fire v. 89 page image Michael A. Martin bibliography

    We could take Titan into the inner system at high warp, drop to sublight just long enough to treat that flying weapon to a brace of quantum torpedoes, and then throttle back up to warp nine or better before they even know what hit them.

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