mutie n.

= mutant n.

  • 1941 R. A. Heinlein Universe in Astounding Science-Fiction May 16/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    There is even some question as to the original meaning of the word ‘mutie’. Certainly they number among their ancestors the mutineers who escaped death at the time of the rebellion. But they also have in their blood the blood of many of the mutants who were born during the dark age. You understand, of course, that during that period our present wise rule of inspecting each infant for the mark of sin and returning to the Converter any who are found to be mutations was not in force.

  • 1941 R. A. Heinlein Universe in Astounding Science-Fiction May 17/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Since the muties are the seed of sin, why do we make no effort to wipe them out?

  • 1949 C. L. Harness Flight Into Yesterday in Startling Stories May 24/2 page image Charles L. Harness bibliography

    We’re going to take all your mutants away, professor. They are useless to the Imperium…. Give me Alar and keep your muties.

  • 1950 F. J. Ackerman Mute Question in Other Worlds Sept. 53/2 page image Forrest J. Ackerman bibliography

    The Muties have a proverb: Two heads are better than none.

  • 1956 C. Beaumont & C. Oliver I, Claude in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 101 page image Chad Oliver Charles Beaumont bibliography

    ‘So,’ Claude said without emotion, ‘your Esper Muties would rule the world, yet they cannot spell tyranny.’

  • 1965 R. Zelazny He Who Shapes in Amazing Stories Jan. 98/1 page image Roger Zelazny bibliography

    The muties he had seen had all been puppies. Sigmund was full grown, and his gray-black fur had a tendency to bristle, which made him appear somewhat larger than a normal specimen of the breed.

  • 1983 G. Benford Against Infinity i. ii. 13 Gregory Benford bibliography

    They got another flock in late afternoon, surprising muties in a gully, but then the mutants ran and got in among the regular scooters.

  • 1993 M. P. Belfiore Salesman in Aboriginal Science Fiction Fall 47/2 page image Michael P. Belfiore bibliography

    Someone in my ancestry was genetically engineered. A Mutie, as such people were called. There were a lot of us Muties back then.

  • 2009 N. Kress Act One in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 39 page image Nancy Kress bibliography

    By nightfall the rioting had subsided, damped down by rumors that ‘muties’ were secretly roaming the streets, infecting everyone.

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