avian n.

a bird-like alien


  • 1948 โ€˜W. Tennโ€™ Ionian Cycle Aug. 116/2 William Tenn bibliography

    The saffron sky was obscured by multitudes of black winged avians dipping in short angry circles. A swarm of the avians had surrounded the lifeboat and, as he watched, they lifted it slightly off the ground in the direction of the sea.

  • 1953 O. Stapledon Star Maker in To End of Time 303 Olaf Stapledon

    As flocks of dunlin or redshank stream and wheel and soar and quiver over our estuaries, so above the great tide-flooded cultivated regions of these worlds the animated clouds of avians manoeuvred, each cloud a single centre of consciousness. Presently, like our own winged waders, the litle avians would settle, the huge volume of the cloud shrinking to a mere film upon the ground, a sort of precipitate along the fringe of the receding tide.

  • 1961 P. Anderson Day After Doomsday in Galaxy Magazine Dec. 15/2 Poul Anderson bibliography

    He went over and took the avian in his arms. The beaked, crested head rested on the manโ€™s breast and the body shuddered.

  • 1962 P. Anderson Day After Doomsday in Galaxy Magazine Feb. 147 Poul Anderson bibliography

    He pointed out a cluster of buildings, tall garishly colored cylinders erected in steel and plastic, half a mile off the road. The avians walking between them wore embroidered jackets over their feathers.

  • 1977 A. D. Foster End of Matter 21 Alan Dean Foster

    Seated securely on the damp, slick stone, he found he could easily see over the heads of even the tall avians in the crowd, which consisted mostly of local humans sprinkled with a few warmly bundled thranx and a smattering of other alien types.

  • 1981 T. Pratchett Strata 37 page image Terry Pratchett bibliography

    We looked it up in the Guide to Sapient Species, but there is only one avian, and this is not it.

  • 1989 A. C. Clarke & G. Lee Rama II 315

    The black velvet avian flew up to within five meters of the surface and jabbered at her.

  • 1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 283 Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye bibliography

    They were jealous of their position as the only sentient avians in the FSP.

  • 1995 W. J. Williams Metropolitan (1995) 200

    Something crosses the sky above the volcanoes and Aiahโ€™s heart leaps as she realises that itโ€™s an avian, a winged humanoid.

  • 1996 W. Read in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 80/2

    One lineage of avians has produced Eponaโ€™s sophont, the uther. Singularly the most fascinating physiological trait of the species is the interdependence of the parent and neonate.

  • 2002 A. Reynolds Redemption Ark 358 Alastair Reynolds bibliography

    The overseer looked on the extent of its works around Delta Pavonis. It knew of the previous cleansing, the wiping out of the avians who had last inhabited this local sector of space.

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