matrix n.

with the: = cyberspace n.

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1976 R. Holmes Doctor Who: Deadly Assassin (BBC TV script) 50

    Engin. How can you intercept thought patterns within the matrix itself? The Doctor: By going in there. By joining it.

  • 1984 W. Gibson Neuromancer (1989) ii. iii. 51 William Gibson

    The matrix has its roots in primitive arcade games…in early graphics programs and military experimentation in cranial jacks.

  • 1998 Wachowski & Wachowski The Matrix (shooting script, 29 Mar.) 42

    The Matrix is a computer-generated dreamworld built to keep us under control.

  • 2007 R. J. Pineiro SpyWare 51

    She thrived inside the matrix, surfing the Web armed with the latest generation of virtual-reality software.

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