time-travelling adj.

that or who travels through time n.

Time Travel

  • 1904 English Illustrated Magazine Sept. 614/1

    You have to grant him [sc. H. G. Wells] one absurdityβ€”one perhaps impossible but not inconceivable discovery of a new force or magic powerβ€”a time-travelling machine.

  • 1931 R. Cummings Exile of Time in Astounding Stories Apr. 33/1 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    That cage is a Time-traveling vehicle. It is traveling back and forth through Time.

  • 1955 W. Tucker Time Bomb vi. 120 Wilson Tucker bibliography

    A time-traveling bomb, minus a human operator, could float right past you without need of protective devices.

  • 1986 D. Koontz Strangers i. ii. 186 Dean R. Koontz

    A tale of time-traveling trolls fighting their own secret war against British goblins during the American revolution.

  • 2001 Science Fiction Chronicle July 44/3

    The first of these introduces a newer and even more menacing time traveling construct from the future.

  • 2016 J. Gleick Time Travel x. 196 James Gleick bibliography

    Mr. Peabody, the time-traveling beagle, and his boy, Sherman, take the WABAC Machine back to the construction of the pyramids at Gaza.

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