ftl adj.

faster than light speed

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  • 1950 F. Leiber Enchanted Forest in Astounding Science Fiction Oct. 111/2 page image Fritz Leiber bibliography

    Your FTL radio can take no fix.

  • 1964 F. Pohl in If Nov. 115/2 Frederik Pohl

    Until some frabjous super-Batman invented the mythical FTL drive it would always be so. At possible speeds…it was a matter of decades to reach almost every worthwhile planet.

  • 1994 Sci Fi Entertainment Aug. 24/1

    That’s why each day you can receive 60-second news reports from 150 years in the future on FTL (Faster Than Light) Newsfeed.

  • 2001 J. A. Gardner Ascending v. 48 James Alan Gardner

    Okay, toots…you’re on the air. And no matter what, keep talking till we're ready to go FTL.

  • 2001 Science Fiction Chronicle July 26/3

    The problem is with a new FTL drive that apparently works except that the six guys who've tested it haven’t been heard from since.

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Mike Christie submitted a 1965 cite from Larry Niven's "Wrong-Way Street." David Greenebaum submitted a cite from a 1986 reprint of Frederik Pohl's "Father of the Stars", and Mike Christie verified the cite in the original 1964 magazine appearance. Enoch Forrester submitted a cite from a reprint of Fritz Leiber's "The Enchanted Forest"; Mike Christie verified it in the 1950 original magazine appearance. (Earliest cite in the OED: 1970)

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