fanfic n.

= fan fiction n.


SF Fandom

  • 1968 Beabohema 2 Dec. 48 page image

    This places the editor in the position of having to decide whether or not to accept corn, serialize, ar [sic] maybe drop fanfic altogether.

  • 1971 Proper Boskonian 42 page image

    Like any first ish of a zine not ferociously dedicated to one sliver of sf or another Styx is brimming over with fanfic.

  • 1975 S. Wood The Club House in Amazing Stories Mar. 105/2 page image Susan Wood bibliography

    The material is surprisingly good (fanfic, which normally I dislike) to excellent (Michael Carlson’s account of a Virginia college, the editor’s ramblings).

  • 1975 S. Wood The Club House in Amazing Stories July 107/2 page image Susan Wood bibliography

    Most important, I don’t see any point in mindless feuding, or in flaying some hapless neo’s smudgy ditto creation, full of crude art and worse fanfic, distinguished only by its misuse of the English language, merely to satisfy my readers' bloodlust.

  • 1979 Science Fiction Review Jan. 32/1

    To add even more confusion, some fanfic zines pay token rates (like a fifth of a cent a word) and pretend to be semi-professional. To read them is to know the difference.

  • 1996 D. Clore (Un)Dead Genres in Necrofile Summer 22

    FanFic: New Territories of Hell. Fandom is a Slice of Life.

  • 1997 Entertainment Weekly 26 Sept. 84

    Not that Seinfeld inflames the fannish heart. Nor do most of TV’s other top 20 shows. While The X-Files has inspired about 130 fanfic sites, the more highly rated ER and Friends tally 6 and 3, respectively; Seinfeld, none that AltaVista knows about.

  • 1999 Ansible Link (#141) Apr.

    I think fanfic and speculation is an integral part of fandom and of a newsgroup like this.

  • 2018 B. Lundin Ship It xxi. 151 Britta Lundin bibliography

    Here’s the thing to understand, though: a lot of ships will never go canon, and that’s okay. Chewbacca and Princess Leia are never going to hook up in Star Wars, but that doesn’t stop some fans from writing fanfic or drawing fanart of it.

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