holovision n.

= tri-v n.

  • 1968 M. Frayn Very Private Life 4 Michael Frayn bibliography

    They'll be materializing before them in the special reception chambers, transmitted by way of the wires and beams, and reproduced by the three-dimensional holovision system in all their natural solidity.

  • 1970 R. Silverberg Tower of Glass in Galaxy Magazine June 86/1 Robert Silverberg

    They simply crossed the plaza again and again, marching neither too rigidly nor too slackly, keeping their eyes on the holovision hovercameras above them.

  • 1972 E. Bryant Poet in Hologram in Middle of Prime Time in H. Harrison Nova 2 97 Edward Bryant bibliography

    I would have been regretful, but I would have accepted your resignation. After all, youโ€™re one of the top holovision writers in the field.

  • 1972 E. Bryant Poet in Hologram in Middle of Prime Time in H. Harrison Nova 2 95 Edward Bryant bibliography

    The title page lands face up: โ€˜Darkness Comes Cheap: an original play for holovision.โ€™

  • 1973 H. Harrison in Vertex Apr. 62/3 Harry Harrison

    I'm gonna take his picture and pictures of all the stuff he found out and you gonna see it on holovision and see how bad you stink.

  • 1976 J. Varley Bagatelle in Galaxy, Incorporating Worlds of If Oct. 15/1 John Varley

    At night, it was Hans' habit to sit on his vibrating bed and watch the holovision until one o'clock. At that time, his kitchen would prepare him a late snack, roll it to him in his bed, and he would retire for the night.

  • 1987 K. Cramer Forbidden Knowledge in R. Rucker Mathenauts (1989) 126

    As their relationship matured, increasingly they spent their time together watching holovision reruns of popular executions.

  • 1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 189 Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye bibliography

    Flatscreen pictures donโ€™t have enough life in themโ€ฆ I prefer holovision every time.

  • 1991 E. Arnason Woman of Iron People (1992) i. iv. 149

    But he has been spending time in one of the big holovision rooms.

  • 1996 J. Gunn Joy Machine iv. 69 James E. Gunn

    The students were facing a holovision display of a woman and a man looking attentive and kindly.

  • 2014 M. Haig Echo Boy (2015) 262 page image Matt Haig bibliography

    Could a human love an Echo? Could an Echo love a human? The first question was always asked a lot on bad holovision shows.

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