Luna City n.

the main city on the Moon

  • 1934 J. W. Campbell Mightiest Machine in Astounding Stories Dec. 12/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    Trial run tomorrow starting at 13:57:30 o’clock. Just to Luna City and back.

  • 1939 R. Heinlein Misfit in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 65/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Then plants, conditioned by thirty-odd generations of low gravity at Luna City, were set out and tenderly cared for.

  • 1943 A. Boucher One-Way Trip in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 112/1

    All the life, all the supplies and communications of the Moon center in Luna City.

  • 1947 R. A. Heinlein Rocket Ship Galileo 153 Robert A. Heinlein

    Cargraves found himself gulping as he watched the flag and banner hoisted. Privately he thought of this little hole in the ground as the first building of Luna City. He imagined that in a year or so there would be dozens of such cave dwellings, larger and better equipped, clustered around this spot. In them would live prospectors, scientists, and tough construction workers—workers who would be busy building the permanent Luna City down under the floor of the crater, while other workers installed a great rocket port up on the surface.

  • 1952 F. Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth in Galaxy Science Fiction July 156/1 C. M. Kornbluth Frederik Pohl

    They pooh-poohed that possibility and set me to wait on a bench while queries were sent to the Schocken branch in Luna City.

  • 1957 I. Asimov Pirates of Asteroids (1980) 17 Isaac Asimov

    Oh, boy, it was sure nice coming in to Luna City.

  • 1964 F. Leiber Wanderer (1986) 37 Fritz Leiber

    Hey check me, Mr. Kettering—I see a white light flashing near Copernicus… I never trust myself on moon-stuff—I keep seeing the lights of Luna City and Leyport and all the other science-fiction places.

  • 1986 P. Danziger This Place Has No Atmosphere 69

    With everyone on board, the bus slowly moved us toward the city under the bubble—the only one on the whole moon, although there are some shelters built throughout the moon in case the people working in space suits outside of the bubble run into trouble. Once the bus got there, a tube reached out and connected with it, and we walked through the tube into Luna City. Then we had our new addresses added to the information on our shoulder identidisk.

  • 1989 R. Cook in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Apr. 60/1

    At the bar, the Mayor of Luna City, wearing his trademark bush jacket, was discussing something with a couple of race officials.

  • 2001 N. Kress Probability Sun 35 Nancy Kress

    You've never been to Luna City before.

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John W. Campbell, Jr., in Astounding Stories.

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