cyberpunkish adj.

resembling or reminiscent of cyberpunk n. 1

SF Criticism

  • 1989 I. Watson World Renews Itself in M. Bishop Nebula Awards 23 9 Ian Watson

    Pat Cadigan’s first novel, Mindplayers, explores the fast track of the brain-wired consciousness industry in hardbitten, wisecracking, cyberpunkish style.

  • 1990 Dragon Magazine Feb. 56/2

    The SHADOWRUN campaign setting is a cyberpunkish 21st century minus the spaceflight and plus a major, uncyberpunkish twist—the Awakening of Magic, the appearance of dragons in skies, and the spontaneous manifestation of previously unexpressed genetic traits, producing new exotic species of humans known as elves, dwarves, orks, and trolls.

  • 1992 Locus Aug. 13/1

    ‘Death of Reason’ is a very good near-future cyberpunkish detective thriller, featuring lots of interesting gizmos like biostatic technology.

  • 1995 Interzone Feb. 63/2

    Calder’s second book, this short, densely-packed, cyberpunkish tale looks to be a sequel of sorts to his first.

  • 1995 Interzone Jan. 56/2

    Although it is set in the same nada -continuum future history as his early short stories, it does not share their headlong nervy rush and the crammed exotica of their cyberpunkish scenarios.

  • 1996 SFX May 24/3

    The final piece of the definition I favour is clan-identity. This is seen in many ‘cyberpunk-ish’ stories, in terms of both the street gangs and the corporate structure.

  • 2013 T. Hashimoto Introduction in C. M. Valente Melancholy of Mechagirl 9 page image Teruyuki Hashimoto bibliography

    This family history story begins in the near cyberpunkish future and ends in the age of Singularity.

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