planetside adv.

on or onto the surface of a planet

  • 1952 T. Wilson Devil’s Cargo in Future Science Fiction Mar. 24/1 page image Tom Wilson bibliography

    That pod had to be brought planet[-]side, Jack. Check on unauthorized flights of all cargo burners.

  • 1955 P. J. Farmer Father in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 4/1 page image Philip José Farmer bibliography

    He posed monolithic in his sky-blue uniform that had not changed since the Twenty-First Century. Though it was well known that he felt a little ridiculous when he wore it planet-side, when he was on his ship he walked as a man clad in armor.

  • 1959 H. Ellison Run for Stars in Touch of Infinity 41 Harlan Ellison

    Every able-bodied man had been sent planetside to search for the bomb.

  • 1978 P. Anderson Avatar (1981) 270 Poul Anderson bibliography

    ‘No, you went planetside.’ ‘Precisely because I am an expendable.’

  • 1990 A. McCaffrey & J. L. Nye Death of Sleep (1992) 7 Anne McCaffrey Jody Lynn Nye bibliography

    During her remaining days planetside, she had turned over her laboratory work to a co-worker.

  • 1992 P. David Imzadi v. 35 Peter David bibliography

    I really am a sleaze. I've been back planetside a few times…but I never saw you. Never tried to contact you.

  • 1999 M. J. Friedman My Brother's Keeper ii. i. 7 Michael Jan Friedman bibliography

    It was only customary to do so when a crewman lacked family and friends planetside.

  • 2020 M. Cole Sixteenth Watch 8 Myke Cole bibliography

    ‘You want me to hold position?’ ‘Nope. I want you planetside, ready to respond.’

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