areography n.

the study or mapping of the planet Mars

  • 1868 R. A. Proctor Lands & Seas of Another World in Littell’s Living Age 3 Oct. 29/1 page image

    These names we shall make use of in giving a very brief sketch of the Martial oceans and continents; in other words, a brief treatise on areography.

  • 1949 R. A. Heinlein Red Planet (1968) 6 Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Areography, equivalent to ‘geography’ for Earth. From ‘Ares’, Greek for Mars.

  • 1949 R. A. Heinlein Red Planet (1968) 6 Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Well, I don’t know. I'm interested in areography, but I like biology too.

  • 1954 R. Dee Frogs of Mars in Imagination Apr. 111/1 page image Roger Dee bibliography

    ‘…established conceptions of Martian areography are completely erroneuous,’ the colonel was saying.

  • 1991 P. C. Jennings Fourth Intercometary in Asimov’s Science Fiction Nov. 276 page image Phillip C. Jennings bibliography

    ‘It’s the capital,’ Arundhati said, giving this bimbo an areography lesson.

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R.A. Proctor, Lands and Seas of Another World

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Bill Mullins submitted an 1868 cite from an article "Lands and Seas of Another World" by R.A. Proctor in the magazine "Littell's Living Age", October 3, 1868, apparently reprinted from an earlier publication in Frazer's Magazine.

Earliest cite in the OED database: 1870

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