areographer n.

one who maps or studies the planet Mars

  • 1880 Nature 1 Jan. 213/1

    The local indistinctness and confusion that so often puzzle the areographer.

  • 1932 J. Williamson & L. Schwartzman Red Slag of Mars in Wonder Stories Quarterly Spring 397/2 page image Jack Williamson Laurence Schwartzman bibliography

    The scientists included, to name a few of them, John Nisbit, Canadian astronomer, Anido Castelar, Chilean archaeologist…and Paul Rhodes, South African areographer.

  • 1950 ‘T. Sheridan’ Battle of the Canals in Science Fantasy Summer 59/1 page image Walter Gillings bibliography

    A whole series of photographs which not only confirmed the drawings of the great French areographer Antoniadi but showed a number of single and even double canals which were also observed visually.

  • 1966 J. Blish Hour Before Earthrise in Worlds of If July 8/2 page image James Blish bibliography

    His eye could already resolve details smaller than fifty kilometers across, so that he could have seen a Sicily or even a Long Island, had Earth’s areographers been whimsical enough to put on on the map of Mars.

  • 1977 I. Asimov Mars, the Red Planet vii. 116 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    About 1800 a German astronomer, Johann Hieronymus Schroeter (SHROI-ter, 1745–1816), who made observations of the Martian surface, invented the term ‘areography’ (air-ee-OG-ruh-fee) from Greek words meaning ‘Mars-writing,’ to mean the description of the surface of Mars. The first real areographer was a German astronomer named Wilhelm Beer (BAYR, 1797–1850).

  • 1990 D. Duane High Wizardry (1991) 52 page image Diane Duane bibliography

    ‘Mars,’ Dairine said. The disk drive chirred briefly. ‘Coordinates?’ Dairine knew that areographers used some kind of latitude-longitude system for Mars, but she knew nothing else about it. ‘Default,’ she said, on a hunch.

  • 2004 M. A. Turzillo Old-Fashioned Martian Girl in Analog Science Fiction & Fact July–Aug. xii. 50/1 Mary A. Turzillo bibliography

    ‘You’re not coming with us.’ ‘Hey, hey! I’m an ace areographer. I’ll find Kapera’s parents.’ Nanoannie struck this attitude, ‘Yeah? And how about murderology? I bet somebody right here in your Facer Institute killed Kapera’s parents.’ I didn’t want to hear any more. ‘They aren’t dead!’ Cayce said, ‘Maybe they left Mars without you.’

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