fugghead n.

a stupid, obnoxious, or incompetent person


SF Fandom

  • 1949 A. H. Rapp in Spacewarp (#30) Sept. 6 page image Arthur H. Rapp

    There were Jim Taurasi and William Sykora, Bob Tucker (who might have been peeved over the Singer Hoax, but didn’t show it beyond presenting the Ben with a medal for being Prize Fugghead of the Convention).

  • 1950 F. T. Laney Syllabus for Fanzine in Spacewarp (#42) Sept. 11 page image Francis T. Laney

    If you are a fugghead, you’ll have a better magazine if you suppress your fuggheadedness, but this is pretty hard to do.

  • 1958 R. M. Holland Ghu’s Lexicon 10

    Fugghead, a dim wit. A lame brain. A fan who is either too dumb to know or too stubborn to admit that your way is the logical, most practical, and best way of doing anything.

  • 1959 R. Eney Fancyclopedia II (1979) 73 Dick Eney bibliography

    fugghead (Laney), a close relative of the LMJ. Tho Art Rapp once defined the term as ‘someone who disagrees with Laney’, a fugghead is more correctly one who speaks before he thinks, if indeed he thinks at all; a maker of asinine statements, silly assertions, and fraudulent claims. ‘A fugghead is a stupid oaf with a babbling tongue,’ defines Tucker concisely. First part of the word is bowdlerized; a little thought will suffice to translate it.

  • 1959 Savoyard Dec. 4

    For fuggheads (who are Legion) I have withering replies; When neos make mistakes, I feel I have to criticize.

  • 1962 R. Bloch I’ll Fry Tomorrow 52 Robert Bloch

    Our weekly meetings are held in a little hall downtown, and every member is required to attend. Generally, we devote a certain amount of time to discussing each other’s past fuggheadedness, and give testimony of our thanks at escaping from the clutches of organized fandom. Sometimes we have a little program with speakers, and we often invite fuggheads from other parts of the country to be our guests. You see, we have a great number of correspondents here and abroad, and many of us now print up little Fuggheads Anonymous magazines for general distribution. Our membership is limited to seventy-five at the present time, but we have about forty-two on our waiting list. Perhaps next year we'll hold a sort of get-together or convention. So, you see, I have found it easy to forget fandom. Fuggheads Anonymous has given me a new outlook.

  • 1964 T. Sturgeon Introduction to Wages of Synergy in Sturgeon in Orbit 36 Theodore Sturgeon bibliography

    Into the strange cosmos of Golden Age science fiction—where first the plural of ‘fans’ was ‘fen’ and a letters' section in the magazine became a ‘lettercol’ and the activities of fen were ‘fanac’, and a fugghead was a ‘fugghead’—came Samuel Mines, from whence, fen never knew and, after a few issues, to where, few found out.

  • 1969 H. Warner, Jr. All our Yesterdays xx Harry Warner, Jr. bibliography

    Fugghead—Originally, bowdlerized written version of a vivid slang word, later an independent insult of only medium severity.

  • 1979 ‘L. del Rey’ World of Science Fiction 1926–1976 xxxi. 321 page image Lester del Rey bibliography

    Fugghead: someone who is stupid or hopelessly confused. Like entropy, fuggheadedness tends to increase.

  • 1991 L. Niven, J. Pournelle, & M. Flynn Fallen Angels 357 Larry Niven Michael F. Flynn Jerry Pournelle bibliography

    Niven’s law. No cause is so noble that it won’t attract fuggheads.

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