croggled adj.

astonished, baffled, bewildered

The 1959 cite at croggle v. might represent this adjective.


SF Fandom

  • 1962 D. Franson Key to the Terminology of Science-Fiction Fandom 6 Donald Franson bibliography

    Croggled, astounded, amused.

  • [1980 M. Z. Bradley Darkover Retrospective in Planet Savers/Sword of Aldones (1982) iv. 347 Marion Zimmer Bradley

    When I finally figured out that she was asking if I was sad at not winning a Nebula, I was becroggled. I finally found my voice and told her that in twenty-five years of reading and writing science fiction, I had heard a hell of a lot of gauche questions, but that really took the cake.]

  • 2014 J. Butcher Skin Game 413 Jim Butcher bibliography

    Riding a running horse bareback isn’t easy when you’re feeling a little croggled from seeing someone completely ignore the laws of physics and magic as you know them.

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D. Franson, 'Key to Terminology of S-F Fandom'

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Keith Stokes submitted a 1962 cite from "A Key to the Terminology of S-F Fandom".
Keith Stokes submitted a 1966 cite from Bob Tucker's "A Neo-Fan's Guide to Science Fiction Fandom".
Sue Surova submitted a cite for the form "becroggled" from a 1982 reprint of Marion Zimmer Bradley's 1980 article "A Darkover Retrospective".
Rachel Sommer submitted a 1983 cite from Piers Anthony's "Dragon on a Pedestal".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2014 cite from Jim Butcher.

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