condom n.

the milieu of (usually science fiction) conventions

SF Fandom

  • 1986 D. Langford Ansible (#45) Feb. 4/1 (heading) David Langford

    CONDOM [list of upcoming conventions].

  • 1987 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun iii. 32 Sharyn McCrumb bibliography

    Jay Omega followed his guide into the more commercial sphere ofโ€ฆhe had heard the term โ€˜fandomโ€™, but could one say โ€˜condom?โ€™ He snickered. One had better not.

  • 1989 S. Shwartz Neopro's Guide to Fandom & Con-Dom in G. Thokar Noreascon Three 121/1 (title)

    A neoproโ€™s guide to fandom and con-dom or safe SF.

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antedating 1986

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Dave Langford, Ansible #45

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Gary McGath submitted a 1989 cite from Susan Shwartz, from an article written for the 1989 Worldcon program book. Mary Aileen Buss submitted a 1987 cite from Sharyn McCrumb's "Bimbos of the Death Sun". Dave Langford submitted a cite from Ansible #45, February 1986

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