apa n.

an organization of (often science fiction) fans that publishes a periodical containing works by most or all of the members

From the initials of Amateur Press Association.

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  • 1938 Fantasy Amateur i. No. 1 (Spring) 1 page image

    Elsewhere in the FA is published a request for fan magazines from the librarian of the National, United and American APA’s.

  • 1979 Science Fiction Review Jan. 33/3

    A fanzine for general circulation in fandom is called a genzine (general interest fanzine) as opposed to one for an amateur press association (apa) which is called an apazine.

  • 1998 T. Weisskopf in Speculations Aug. 10/1

    David Weber came to me because his brother and I are in the same APA. His brother said, ‘Look, I know this editor in New York, why don’t you try her?’

  • 2011 B. L. Bosky & A. D. Hlavaty Fandom in Women in Science Fiction & Fantasy 286 page image Bernadette Lynn Bosky Arthur D. Hlavaty bibliography

    In 1978, after some disagreement, the group decided to make the entire amateur press association (APA) all-woman, leading to the formation of three new APAs: Boy’s Own APA, for men only, and the coeducational Spinoff and Mixed Company. A Woman’s APA remains all-woman, with members setting their own rules for availability of their zines, from ‘members only’ to ‘I don’t give a shit who reads this.’

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