nanorobot n.

= nanobot n.


  • 1988 E. S. Raymond 2 Good Reasons for doing Self-timed Logic in comp.arch (Usenet newsgroup) 26 Feb.

    3D VLSI assembled by nanorobots provides another way out.

  • 1989 DNA Mutation Elimination in sci.nanotech (Usenet newsgroup) 22 Apr.

    The target DNA is read and a ‘checksum’ is computed. Then, a population of nanorobots is bred to know this particular checksum… The nanorobots are released into the bloodstream of the target individual.

  • 1990 A. Steele Clarke County, Space 181 Allen Steele

    A holographic monitor depicting a diagram of her body’s circulatory system showed the gradual process of the microscopic nanorobots which had been injected into her bloodstream as they moved through her veins and arteries, repairing the breaks in her blood vessels.

  • 2012 D. Brin Existence xxx. 192 page image David Brin bibliography

    In fact, the creeping nano-robots should not trigger any conspicuous reaction at all, as they made their way to preplanned positions in the visual cortex, the cerebellum, the anterior cingulate, the left temporal lobe... and a host of other crucial nexi, scattered through Tor’s intricately folded cerebrum.

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