genetically engineered adj.

produced by genetic engineering n.

  • [1957 R. Silverberg Misfit in Super Science Fiction Dec. 100/1 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    His type had been genetically engineered for worlds like Sandoval IX. ]

  • 1969 N. Spinrad Future in Books in Amazing Stories Sept. 124/2 page image Norman Spinrad

    A Developing Country…is developing a program for producing genetically-engineered supermen, the news of which program is producing political turmoil in the developed countries where the masses chafe under…eugenic legislation.

  • 1978 J. D. Haldeman II Agony of Defeat in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar.–Apr. 133 page image Jack C. Haldeman, II bibliography

    Would you like to explain to our viewers, Mr. Huff, how you think you can get away by playing with a genetically engineered squad when the rules clearly state that football is too dangerous to be played by humans?

  • 1990 K. S. Robinson Pacific Edge (1992) 197 Kim Stanley Robinson

    They pedaled into a grove of immense genetically engineered sycamores.

  • 1995 C. Carter Truth is out There: Official Guide to The X Files Introd. 5 Chris Carter

    What follows will trace how The X-Files was conceived and created as well as the process that allows a group of talented and dedicated producers, writers, directors, actors, and technical wizards to generate two dozen hours or more each year of contact with aliens, poltergeists, genetically engineered deviants, and even old-fashioned monsters—all with meticulous care and (in what has proven to be a constant struggle) within the constraints of a television budget.

  • 2000 J. H. Schmitz Blood of Nalakia in Telzey Amberdon 368 James H. Schmitz

    In another generation, the genetically engineered biological pattern should be diluted beyond the danger point in his strain.

  • 2001 Dreamwatch Mar. 24/1

    In the series opener our heroine, Max, escapes from a holding centre with a number of other genetically-engineered children.

  • 2016 SFX (#278) O ct. 12/1 page image

    Morgan is a genetically engineered human being but that’s the key thing: she’s human and not a machine.

Research requirements

antedating 1969

Earliest cite

Norman Spinrad, in Amazing

Research History
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a 2000 reprint of James H. Schmitz's "Blood of Nalaika"; Fred Galvin checked its 1953 first publication (as "The Vampirate"), and found that that version used "mutant" rather than "genetically engineered".
The 1957 Silverberg quote isn't an adjective. We would like anything earlier than 1969.

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