completism n.

the desire to have or collect a complete set of something


SF Fandom

  • 1944 J. B. Speer Fancyclopedia 13/1 Jack Speer bibliography

    A novel type of completism is Rothman’s record and determination of attending every major convention held in this country.

  • 1966 L. Carter Science-Fiction Fanways in Worlds of If Nov. 48/1 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    Completism sometimes strikes an aged or elderly fan. You never know just when the condition may arise. There you are, going merrily along reading and collecting the science-fiction magazines and purchasing an occasional hardcover book…and all of a sudden your eyes glaze, your hands begin to twitch with uncontrollable greed…and you realize you yearn to have EVERYTHING in your collection. Every single sf paperback and hardcover ever published…a copy of every single issue of every single last science-fiction or fantasy magazine ever printed, in America or England or wherever…gakk! You are a Completist. [all ellipses in orig.]

  • 2002 N. Basbanes Among the Gently Mad v. 102

    As generally understood, completism is synonymous with leaving no stone unturned in the quest to have it all.

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