telekineticist n.

one who practises or has the power of telekinesis


  • 1949 C. L. Harness Flight into Yesterday in Startling Stories May 22/1 page image Charles L. Harness bibliography

    ‘Just what are his potentialities?’ queried Shey. ‘Is he a hypnotist? A telekineticist?’

  • 1952 T. Sturgeon Baby Is Three in Galaxy Oct. 58/1 page image Theodore Sturgeon bibliography

    I'll tell you. I'm the central ganglion of a complex organism which is composed of Baby, a computer; Bonnie and Beanie, teleports; Jane, telekineticist; and myself, telepath and central control.

  • 1965 ‘J. Kingston’ in J. Carnell New Writings in S-F III. 68 page image Keith Roberts bibliography

    Telekineticists…are people who can move things without touching them, change physical states at a distance.

  • 1979 P. Anderson Science Fiction & Science, pt. Three in J. Baen Destinies Apr.–June 314 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s…it seemed that every second item in the magazines was a piece of hackwork about a telepath or a telekineticist who went to Las Vegas and won a fortune.

  • 2000 Hamilton (Ontario) Spectator (Nexis) 21 Aug. c13

    Janssen, whose roles have included a telekineticist in X-Men,…is fluent in four languages.

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