areological adj.

of, pertaining to, or derived from areology n.; such as is described, investigated, or ascertained by areology

  • 1932 J. Williamson & L. Schwartzman Red Slag of Mars in Wonder Stories Quarterly Spring 395/2 page image Jack Williamson Laurence Schwartzman bibliography

    Dr. Eldred…was head of the Eldred Areological Expedition, which sailed…six years ago, for the planet Mars.

  • 1958 ‘J. Wyndham’ Thin Gnat-Voices in New Worlds Science Fiction July 103 page image John Wyndham bibliography

    I felt that if I could use his geological—or areological—interests to lure him outside, even a brief expedition might serve to dispel this notion of lurking Martians.

  • 1992 K. S. Robinson Red Mars 240 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    Excavations accompanied by intensive areological studies were being conducted by scientists working for UNOMA and…the transnationals; all trying to find clues that would enable them to locate more deposits.

  • 1992 K. S. Robinson Red Mars 419 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    ‘See,’ Nadia said, pointing at an areological map of the canyon that she had called onto the rover’s screen, ‘there’s a big fault there behind that whole overhanging piece.’

  • 1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 12 Greg Bear

    Many BMs merged and in time agreed to divide Mars into areological districts and develop resources in cooperation.

  • 1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 56 Greg Bear

    No major areological activity for the past billion years. Marble takes heat and pressure to form. Mars is asleep. It can’t do the job any more.

  • 2005 P. F. Hamilton Judas Unchained i. 41 Peter F. Hamilton

    ‘And what sort of science goes on there?’ ‘Just about the full range of planetary science remote sensing: meteorological, geological—I should say Areological—solar physics, radiation. It’s a long list; you name the subject and it'll have its own set of instruments up there busy watching. They're all over Mars, relaying their readings to Arabia Terra, which in turn sends them to us’.

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