areologist n.

a scientist specializing in areology n.


  • 1976 F. Pohl Man Plus in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 53/2 page image Frederik Pohl bibliography

    Don Kayman was a complex man who never let go of a problem. It was why we wanted him on the project as areologist, but it extended to the religious part of his life too.

  • 1985 K. S. Robinson in G. Dozois Isaac Asimov’s Mars (1991) 155 Kim Stanley Robinson

    In the same way that a tongue will go to a sore tooth over and over, Roger finds himself following Hans and Arthus to hear the areologist’s explanation.

  • 1992 K. S. Robinson Red Mars 10 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    Daedalia Planum appears to be the remains of an impact basin 4500 kilometers across. Those are big; but then there are areologists who believe that the entire northern hemisphere of Mars is an ancient impact basin.

  • 1993 G. Bear Moving Mars 247 Greg Bear

    Ilya was a fossil hunter and areologist, a digger, hardly trained in biochemistry at all.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Red Mars (1993) 217 Kim Stanley Robinson bibliography

    As the areologists sipped, he cleaned the dishes…and asked how their investigation was going. They were looking for evidence of ancient glacial episodes, which if found would support a model of the planet’s early history that included oceans filling the low spots.

  • 1993 K. S. Robinson Green Mars (new ed.) 114 Kim Stanley Robinson

    Fantastic to actually see one of the big landslides—most areologists and geologists had to rely on explosions, or computer simulations.

  • 2004 J. Varley Red Thunder xxix. 352 John Varley

    Most geologists—or areologists, as some preferred to be called—believed the Valles had been eroded by running water, just like the Grand Canyon.

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