K/S n.

a subgenre of science fiction, originally published in fanzines and now esp. online, in which the Star Trek characters Kirk and Spock are portrayed as having a homosexual relationship; (later) any similar fiction in which a pair of (established) male characters is so portrayed

Cf. slash n.

SF Fandom

Star Trek


  • [1977 S. Bridges Letter in Obsc'zine Aug. 5/1

    I am not trying to attack a Kirk/Spock sexual relationship in general.]

  • 1978 E. Kobrin Scuttlebutt Apr.–May 12

    It’s heavy on the K/S relationship, and will delight K/S fans.

  • 1984 Not Tonight, Spock! Jan. 1

    We hope NTS will become a place for all K/S fans to share thoughts, ideas and opinions concerning our 2 favorite guys as well as a place one can drool over what’s available and what’s proposed in K/S zines.

  • 1995 Extrapolation Spring 45

    The primacy of the emotional bond between Kirk and Spock has spawned a genre of fan fiction known as ‘K/S’ or ‘slash’.

  • 2000 Out Oct. 36/3

    Mizoguchi asserts that yaoi and, by extension, K/S and other slash fiction…are homophobic.

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antedating 1978

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in 'Obsc'zine'

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Meg Garrett submitted a 1984 cite from the letterzine "Not Tonight, Spock!".
Mike Christie submitted a cite from a reprint of Dave Langford's review "Spock in Manacles"; Dave Langford verified the cite in the 1983 original magazine publication.
Colette Reap submitted a 1979 citation for the form "K/Sex" from a fanzine called "Variations on a Theme" by Valerie Piacentini and Sheila Clark.
Colette Reap submitted a 1980 cite from a fanzine called "Bi-Lliam 2" by Shirley Lambard and Jackie.
Meg Garrett submitted a 1984 cite from the letterzine "Not Tonight, Spock!".
Susan Payne submitted a 1978 cite from a letter by Juanita Salicrup in Obsc'zine, and a 1977 cite for the form "Kirk/Spock" from a letter by Susan Bridges in Obsc'zine.
Joan Marie Verba submitted a 1978 cite from a review in the fanzine "Scuttlebutt, and a 1975 cite for "Kirk/Spock" from the Fanzine Halkan Council 12.

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