gyrocab n.

a flying taxi

Now rare.


  • 1942 A. Bester Life for Sale in Amazing Stories Jan. 180/2 page image Alfred Bester bibliography

    The underground and surface transportation had failed altogether. There was not a gyrocab to be seen anywhere.

  • 1947 J. Shelton You Are Forbidden! in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 94/1 page image Jerry Shelton bibliography

    The sudden whine of the vanes of the gyrocab as it began to drop toward the landing-stage snapped him back to the present, and its new problems. He gradually pulled himself together as he saw Grand Terminus swell and expand in size beneath him. He felt the landing gear bump. He climbed out, paid the cabbie and walked to the information desk presenting his reservation for transport.

  • 1951 I. Asimov Hostess in Galaxy Science Fiction May 107/2 Isaac Asimov bibliography

    She came upon them getting out of a gyro-cab just as she emerged from the tubes on to street level. The gyro-cabbie, wide-eyed, gazed after his fares for a moment, then hovered upward and away.

  • 1953 G. Doar So Wise, So Young in Amazing Stories Juneโ€“July 104/1 page image Graham Doar bibliography

    There was the click of the switch under us, the jets cut out and the tail wheels came down. In a silent, smooth glide, the gyrocab rolled to a stop before the hundred-story shack we called home.

  • 2006 โ€˜J. Amoryโ€™ Fledging of Az Gabrielson iii. 12 page image James Lovegrove bibliography

    Michael thrust the joystick down, and the Dragonfly fell into Anvilhead Avenue with giddying, stomach-churning speed, missing a gyro-cab by inches. The gyro-cabโ€™s pilot flipped Michael the bird, and Az chortled, and so did Michael. In a helicopter Az came as close as he would ever get to true flight, and his brother always did his best to make the experience as exhilarating and breakneck as possible.

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