gyrobus n.

a bus powered by a gyroscopic flywheel; (also) a flying bus


  • 1933 N. Schachner & R. Lacher Memory of Atoms in Wonder Stories Jan. 618/2 page image Nat Schachner R. Lacher bibliography

    A huge gyro-bus, completely enclosed, dull black in color, oblong, sinister, poised on its monorail in front of a great terraced Residential Apartment.

  • 1936 ‘J. Beynon’ Planet Plane v. 40 John Wyndham

    Machines of every kind from the dainty flipabout to the massive gyrobus…started to float in from each quarter.

  • 1950 Amazing Stories Dec. 63 (title) page image


  • 1984 M. Bishop With a Little Help from Her Friends in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 7/2 page image Michael Bishop bibliography

    The boarded an orange gyrobus in the parking lot and departed the hatchery.

  • 2007 A. M. Steele Galaxy Blues in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 101 page image Allen Steele

    We're to pack up and grab the noon gyrobus to New Brighton.

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Research History
The OED entry has a single cite from John Wyndham's Planet Plane.
Imran Ghory submitted a 1950 cite from "Gyro-bus", a nonfiction piece by Milton Matthew.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1933 cite from Nathan Schachner in Wonder Stories, apparently referring to a gyroscopically powered vehicle.

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