vidscreen n.

a screen capable of displaying a visual image; (also) a videophone n.


  • 1953 P. K. Dick Mr. Spaceship in Imagination Jan. 44/2 page image Philip K. Dick

    On the vidscreen Dolores knitted her brow.

  • 1953 P. K. Dick Infinites in Planet Stories May 58/2 page image Philip K. Dick

    Blake and I will discuss it with you on the vidscreen.

  • 1969 P. K. Dick Ubik (1977) 1 Philip K. Dick

    The technician in charge of the night shift at the map room coughed nervously as the massive, sloppy head of Glen Runciter swam up to fill the vidscreen.

  • 1983 J. Varley Millennium ii. 22 John Varley

    Phil Silvers and Ed Sullivan were on the vidscreens.

  • 1984 J. Varley Demon (1987) 8 John Varley

    The resulting burst of gamma radiation produced an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that blew out every telephone, vidscreen, transformer, and electric sheep-shearer from Woomera to Sydney, and caused the sewage system in Melbourne to run backward.

  • 1985 A. Cole & C. Bunch Court of Thousand Suns (1990) 98 Allan Cole Chris Bunch bibliography

    Marr palmed the switch and the vidscreen went respectfully blank.

  • 1988 L. E. Modesitt, Jr. In Endless Twilight 32 L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

    Hylerion was not listed. Period. The generals were, but only by name, with just a vidscreen drop number for messages.

  • 1989 ‘G. Naylor’ Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers (1992) 69

    They sat in bed…watching, for the third consecutive night, It’s a Wonderful Life on the sleeping quarters’ vid-screen.

  • 1990 A. McCaffrey & E. Moon Sassinak (1991) 171 Anne McCaffrey Elizabeth Moon bibliography

    His face in the vidscreen already looked different, the face of a fellow captain.

  • 1991 G. Turner Brain Child i. 13

    The difference between the spoken word for the vidscreen, the written word for print press and archival style for the accuracy of files.

  • 1992 H. Collins Mutagenesis 17

    Rachel Mallove, the only woman besides Mattie, dietician and horticulturalist, took no notice either of Kyly or the silence he had left behind. She sat herself on her heels before one of the small personal vidscreens.

  • 1999 C. Metzen & S. Moore Revelations in Amazing Stories Spring 21 Chris Metzen Sam Moore bibliography

    Gunnery Sergeant Andre Madrid watched the vidscreen in shocked disbelief.

  • 2000 J. A. Gardner Hunted v. 38 James Alan Gardner

    While I waited for the Outbreak Team to arrive from some other starbase, I used the captain’s vidscreen to watch outside the ship. I didn’t see much—nothing came or went at Starbase Iris, not even in-system shuttles. Once I noticed a merchant vessel passing within range of Willow’s hull cameras, but it didn’t come very close; it was aiming for the planet Celestia, a light-minute nearer the local sun.

  • 2006 Analog June 16/2

    Do you intend to do any work on this flight, or are you just gonna park your ass in front of the vidscreen all day like you do on those landers?

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P. K. Dick

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Svante Lovén submitted a cite from a 1977 reprint of Philip Dick's "Ubik".
Matthew Hoyt submitted a cite from a reprint of Philip Dick's "Impostor"; Mike Christie verified the 1953 first magazine appearance.
Enoch Forrester submitted a cite for the form "vid-screen" from a 1992 reprint of Grant Naylor's 1989 "Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers".
Katrina Campbell submitted a cite from a 1991 reprint of Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon's 1990 "Sassinak".
Douglas Winston submitted a cite from a 1990 reprint of Allan Cole and Chris Bunch's 1985 "The Court of a Thousand Suns".
Douglas Winston submitted a 1988 cite from L.E. Modesitt, Jr.'s "In Endless Twilight".
Mike Christie located and Robert Woodward submitted a 1999 cite from Chris Metzen and Sam Moore's "Revelations".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted several 1953 cites.

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