cruiser n.

a spaceship, esp. a relatively large and powerful military spaceship


  • 1900 R. W. Cole Struggle for Empire vi. 82 Robert W. Cole

    As soon as the fleet was fairly launched into space the torpedo-nets were let down, in case the ships might come into contact with any of the enemy’s swift cruisers.

  • 1917 E. R. Burroughs Princess of Mars xxiii. 277 page image Edgar Rice Burroughs bibliography

    Kantos Kan dropped quickly into the darkness, while I rose steadily and at terrific speed raced through the Martian sky followed by a dozen of the air-scout craft which had joined the pursuit, and later by a swift cruiser carrying a hundred men and a battery of rapid-fire guns.

  • 1934 W. K. Sonneman The Master Minds of Venus in Amazing Stories Sept. 108/1 page image William K. Sonnemann bibliography

    A Venerian space cruiser, the X-1, raced toward earth.

  • ?a1965 G. Roddenberry Original outline for ‘Star Trek’ in S. E. Whitfield & G. Roddenberry Making of ‘Star Trek’ (1968) i. i. 24 Gene Roddenberry bibliography

    The lead role is Captain Robert T. April, mid-thirties, an unusually strong and colorful personality, the commander of the cruiser.

  • 2019 Y. H. Lee Dragon Pearl ii. 10 Yoon Ha Lee bibliography

    Don’t tell Bora, but there are even more chores on a battle cruiser than there are at home.

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