teleport n. 2

a person who is able to teleport, esp. by psychic means; teleporter n. 1


  • 1951 E. F. Russell Star Watchers in Startling Stories Nov. 54/1 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    The bolts and bars and tell-tale beams could easily be detected by any mutant endowed with first-class ESP, but he'd be unable to do anything about them. On the other hand, a teleport could manipulated the lot without any troubleβ€”if only he could see them. So the place is wide open to a multi-talented mutant such as a teleport with ESP.

  • 1952 T. Sturgeon Baby Is Three in Galaxy Oct. 58/1 page image Theodore Sturgeon bibliography

    I'll tell you. I'm the central ganglion of a complex organism which is composed of Baby, a computer; Bonnie and Beanie, teleports; Jane, telekineticist; and myself, telepath and central control.

  • 1954 F. L. Wallace Simple Psiman in Startling Stories Oct. 88/1 page image F. L. Wallace bibliography

    Gommaf was the teleport, or knew who the teleport was.

  • 1960 Analog Science Fact & Fiction Nov. 41/2

    He'd found telepaths in insane asylums, and teleports among the juvenile delinquents of New York.

  • 2004 S. Gould Reflex (2005) i. 13

    There was a price to be paid, being married to the world’s only teleport.

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