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  • 1943 R. Bradbury King of Gray Spaces in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Dec. 122/2 Ray Bradbury bibliography

    They looked and acted as if they were going to attend a magnetic ball game at one of the local mag-fields.

  • 1944 β€˜W. Long’ Latent Image in Astounding Science-Fiction May 11/2 George O. Smith bibliography

    In spite of the fact that Dr. Ellson claimed to have discovered a region in the mag-grav spectrum that produced a faint success.

  • 1948 T. Sturgeon There Is No Defense in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 30/1 page image Theodore Sturgeon bibliography

    Maneuvering was accomplished by variations in field strength by inductance-coupling of the mag-flux coils.

  • 1992 Locus June 67/3

    He was working on a form of β€˜mag-lev’ transportation.

  • 1993 W. Gibson Virtual Light 135 William Gibson bibliography

    He showed Rydell how to put the debit-card into a machine that gave him a five-hundred dollar Container City magstrip.

  • 2020 E. Bear Machine i. 7 Elizabeth Bear bibliography

    Our mag boots latched onto the hull, and suddenly we were standing comfortably under about a third of a g.

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antedating 1943

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Ray Bradbury, 'King of The Gray Spaces'

Research History
Bill Seabrook located and Mike Christie confirmed a 1948 cite from Theodore Sturgeon's "There Is No Defense".
Mark English submitted a 1944 cite from Wesley Long's "Latent Image".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1943 cite ("mag-field") from Ray Bradbury's "King of The Gray Spaces".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2020 cite from Elizabeth Bear.

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