Vegan n.

a native or inhabitant of the solar system of the star Vega


  • 1932 H. K. Wells Zehru of Xollar in Astounding Stories Feb. 274/2 page image Hal K. Wells bibliography

    Of the seven planets within reach of my net I found only two that promised to be at all suitable. One was your Earth, the other a minor planet circling the star you call Vega. I brought both you and a net-load of Vegans here to this oxygen-filled enclosure I had already prepared. The Vegans were the headless things with the jelly nuclei. I watched your battle with them, and waited to choose as my vehicle the planetary type that proved the stronger. You vanquished the Vegans, so it is in the body of an Earthling that I shall leave Xollar, and it is to the planet Earth that I shall be hurtled through the inter[-]dimensional gate.

  • 1943 ‘H. Clement’ Attitude in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 16/1 Hal Clement

    The Vegan relaxed for a moment as its eyes readjusted themselves; then its antennae snapped erect and began to sway slowly in the simple patterns of the sign language of its race… Most of the Earthmen had some knowledge of Vegan speech—the two systems are near neighbors, and enjoy lively commercial relations—and all looked to Albee for a decision.

  • 1943 ‘H. Clement’ Attitude in Astounding Science-Fiction Sept. 27/1 Hal Clement

    The Vegans, whose quarters were directly opposite, watched from their doorways. They also commented from time to time, but were very seldom answered, since both hands are required to speak Vegan.

  • 1951 P. Anderson Inside Earth in Galaxy Science Fiction Apr. 19/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    A cosmopolitan throng filled the walkways… There were other races, blue-skinned Vegans, furry Proximans, completely non-humanoid Sirians and Antarians.

  • 1980 I. Watson Gardens of Delight xxiv. 159 Ian Watson

    How much more would we regret the passing of Canopians, Vegans, Aldebarians or whomever, with all the insights they had gained?

  • 2001 S. Mackey-Kallis Hero & Perennial Journey Home in Amer. Film vii. 182

    A spacecraft constructed from the blueprints transmitted via radio waves from the Vegans.

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