Terranian n.

a native or inhabitant of Earth; = Terran n. 1; also as adj.

Also Terranean.

In quot. 1931, referring to a planet (not Earth) named Terra.


  • 1913 ‘Sepharial’ Kabala of Numbers II. xi. 175

    Red is an irritant to all but Martians, and to them green probably means the same thing as does red to us Terranians.

  • [1931 J. W. Campbell Islands of Space in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 193/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr.

    I am sure that a Terranian lion or tiger would find us quite as edible as would an Earthly lion.]

  • 1953 in Astounding Science-Fiction May 18/1 page image

    The young grow rapidly at first and are ready to take care of themselves in about twenty Terranian years. They seldom leave home, however, before physical maturity is reached, 49.4 Terranian years.

  • 1954 B. Wesley Primus Curse in Planet Stories May 53/2 page image Bill Wesley bibliography

    The first operator spoke no Terranian languages at all. The second one could only speak French and German.

  • 1965 Punch 27 Jan. 141/3

    When one of the anemone-harnessers…tells a couple of captive ‘terraneans’, i.e., grown-ups, ‘You must be destroyed!’ I could sense a tremble of joy in children everywhere.

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