SFX n.

special effects

SF Criticism

  • 1973 Television Mail 12 Jan. 12/2

    The programme is set in a space/time ship and incorporates much chroma key (or C.S.O. as the Beeb in their wisdom call it) and assorted SFX (special effects).

  • 1981 SF-lovers Digest (Electronic text) 26 June

    It was the general conclusion of the solstice party that his best was Jason and the Argonauts or possibly The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (better plot, sfx not as spectacular).

  • 1985 Todayโ€™s Computers May 90/1

    In the vast realms of the science fiction film, a great deal, if not most, of the film makerโ€™s emphasis is on special effects, or SFX.

  • 2005 Vanity Fair May 119/3

    Starry or starless, Vegasโ€™s tech-heavy sfx extravaganzas and phantasmagorias make comics roaming a bare stage look so last-century.

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