replicant n. 2

a person who acts or behaves like a replicant n. 1, esp. in imitating or resembling others; a clone

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1987 W. Schneider in Atlantic Monthly July 67/1

    Reaganโ€™s loss of popularity as a result of Iranscam removes the strongest justification for Laxaltโ€™s candidacy. If the public is dissatisfied with Reaganโ€™s performance, why should it vote for a Reagan replicant?

  • 1993 UNIX Rev. May 65 (advt.)

    The database replicants over in accounting. The PC droids in sales.

  • 2007 Daily Mail (Nexis) 26 Nov. 40

    She turned far too many celebrities into ultra-girly, weak, over made-up replicants.

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W. Schneider in Atlantic Monthly

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Enoch Forrester submitted a 1987 cite from an article by William Schneider in the Atlantic Monthly. (Earliest cite in the OED: 1993)

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