matter-transmitting adj.

designating or relating to a matter transmitter n.

  • 1925 ‘R. M. Farley’ Radio Beasts in Argosy-Allstory Weekly 11 Apr. 114/2 page image Ralph Milne Farley

    The matter-transmitting apparatus was hopelessly wrecked; the radio set partially so.

  • 1931 E. Hamilton Monsters of Mars in Astounding Stories Apr. 12/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    You built the matter-transmitting and receiving station on earth that was the one thing needed for our plan.

  • 1932 J. Williamson Moon Era in Wonder Stories Mar. 1034/1 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    Any other creature of the moon…that might have been brought with her on the matter-transmitting beam.

  • 1976 A. Whyte Aleph in Galileo Sept. 24/2 page image Andrew A. Whyte

    This novel…concerns rival corporate space mining enterprises which routinely utilize matter-transmitting devices.

  • 1992 Classic Images Dec. 26 (advt.)

    Men are being mysteriously murdered by a vengeful madman known as ‘the Telegian’, who uses a matter transmitting device to find his intended victims no matter where they hide.

  • 2008 J. Green Vanishing Point in Pax Britannia (2010) vi. 459 page image Jonathan Green bibliography

    ‘What you see before you is the experimental prototype of Oddfellow’s Matter Transmitting Device.’ ‘A teleport?’ ‘That’s what it was supposed to be, only something catastrophic occurred.’ Oddfellow seemed to peer past Ulysses, taking in the others gathered within the cellar-lab, before adding, ‘A spanner in the works, you might say.’

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antedating 1925

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Ralph Milne Farley, in Argosy

Research History
Cory Panshin submitted a cite from a 1970's reprint of Ralph Milne Farley's "The Radio Beasts"; Jesse Sheidlower verified it in the original 1925 publication in Argosy.
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2008 cite from Jonathan Green.

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