space alien n.

= alien n.


  • 1936 D. D. Sharp Doomed by the Planetoid in Astounding Stories May 63/1 page image D. D. Sharp bibliography

    He was a space alien again, faring far from Earth.

  • 1954 Fantastic Universe May 134 page image

    Cinema-makers are now trying to avoid further boycotts by using space aliens for villains. But suppose some of our Extraterrestrial neighbors are also a bit touchy?

  • 1977 J. Williamson Youth Against Space in Algol Spring 10/3 Jack Williamson bibliography

    The space aliens are already becoming a vital feature of the series.

  • 1984 J. Williamson Lifeburst 16 Jack Williamson

    Starbird. Space alien discovered aboard drifting wreckage of Sun Fleet cruiser Spica. The creature was apparently intelligent and actively engaged in dismantling what was left of the ship.

  • 1992 D. Adams Mostly Harmless 28 Douglas Adams

    He believed in virtually everything else, though. ‘Probably them space aliens,’ he said, bending over and prodding at the edges of the small indentations with his stick.

  • 1994 P. F. McManus How I Got This Way 47

    So there I was, bumping along through the night in a wild and remote region populated only by the occasional family of Sasquatches and a few space aliens awaiting a lone traveler on whom to run weird and painful experiments.

  • 2011 N. Gaiman American Gods (10th anniversary ed.) 152 Neil Gaiman

    I bet it’s like space aliens…. These days, people see space aliens. Back then they saw gods.

  • 2018 H. Green An Absolutely Remarkable Thing xiii. 114 Hank Green bibliography

    ‘Maya, a lot has happened. Um...’ This was not easy. ‘Carl is very probably from outer space and Andy and I have—’ ‘Carl is WHAT?’ ‘Probably from outer space. Like, a not-of-this-earth, “E.T. phone home” space alien.’

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