Rhean adj.

of or relating to the Saturnian moon Rhea

Now Rare.


  • 1937 ‘G. A. Giles’ Diamond Planetoid in Astounding Stories May 102/2 page image Otto Binder bibliography

    He looked like a gigantic black frog in the dull Saturn shine. Feeling suddenly quite alone, Welton fished with the radio receiver for something to relieve the dead silence…. The sputter of static gave way to music from a Rhean station.

  • 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Where Eternity Ends in Science Fiction June 13/2 page image Otto Binder bibliography

    He was ushered finally into the presence of Marten Crodell, in a small room faintly redolent with the exotic perfume of Rhean horticulture.

  • 1953 E. F. Russell Design for Great-Day in Planet Stories Jan. 28/1 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    The collective Rhean mind was as much intimate part of the greater Solarian mass-mentality as was any other part.

  • 1988 ‘E. Kotani’ & J. M. Roberts Between the Stars i. 1 page image John Maddox Roberts Yoji Kondo bibliography

    Rhea is an insignificant chunk of lunar material orbiting Saturn at a distance of about 327,000 miles…. ‘Ethelred,’ he said, stepping onto the Rhean surface, ‘I want it on record that this mission is a waste of the time and talents of Derek Kuroda, who is destined for better things.’

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