aspace adv.

in space

Now Rare.

[a- ‘on; in, at’ + space, after asea]

  • 1933 J. W. Skidmore in Amazing Stories Feb. 1005 (title) page image Joe W. Skidmore bibliography

    Souls Aspace.

  • 1935 F. K. Kelly Star Ship Invincible in Astounding Stories Jan. 37/2 page image Frank K. Kelly bibliography

    The sky looked calm, and it was black the way it always had been since Hansen had been aspace, but it was the kind of black a man can look at and understand; there were stars in it.

  • 1942 ‘P. D. Lavond’ Einstein’s Planetoid in Science Fiction Quarterly Spring 101/2 page image C. M. Kornbluth Frederik Pohl Robert A. W. Lowndes bibliography

    We can still be the fastest thing aspace and not be capable of a voyage to Alpha Centauri and back within the span of a lifetime.

  • 1950 ‘L. O’Donnell’ Paradise Street in Astounding Science Fiction Sept. 95/2 page image C. L. Moore bibliography

    Before Ancibel could pull itself together after this shattering blow, the crew from Venus would be loaded and aspace with their loot.

  • 1958 H. Ellison Nothing for My Noon Meal in Nebula Science Fiction (#30) May 43 page image Harlan Ellison bibliography

    It would be good aspace once more.

  • 1963 J. Williamson & F. Pohl Reefs of Space in Worlds of If Nov. 82/2 page image Jack Williamson Frederik Pohl bibliography

    Don’t forget we’ve been aspace for over four months!

  • 1975 R. F. Young Curious Case of Henry Dickens in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 131/1 page image Robert F. Young bibliography

    This sentimental journal back to my childhood was sparked…by the star loneliness a young girl sometimes experiences while aspace, even when she is safe aboard a vessel surrounded by members of her own kind.

  • a1995 J. Brunner The Stars Move Still in J. Grant & D. Hutchinson Strange Pleasures 2 (2003) 179 page image John Brunner bibliography

    They were dumped on any willing planet…and tolerated for the sake of the monstrously exaggerated yarns they could spin about their adventures while aspace.

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