space flyer n. 2

a space traveller; an astronaut


  • 1928 ‘Editor’ in Amazing Stories June 279 (editorial reply to reader letter) page image Hugo Gernsback

    [Y]es—the space flyers missed their greatest opportunity by not trying to intercept messages from other planets. The ray was even pointed to Jupiter, but no attempt was made to use the radio.

  • 1931 G. B. Beattie Murders on Moon-Ship in Wonder Stories Feb. 958 page image George B. Beattie bibliography

    To old and seasoned space-fliers like Professor Galloway and myself, there was something ludicrous in all this emotional bustle…over a little hop to the Moon.

  • 1938 M. W. Wellman Treasure Asteroid in Astounding Science-Fiction Sept. 8/1 page image Manly Wade Wellman

    You are a space-flyer who has lost his job… I shall give you a new one.

  • 1949 M. W. Wellman Sky Will Be Ours in Super Science Stories Jan. 105/1 page image Manly Wade Wellman bibliography

    I'm studying to be a space-flyer.

  • 1958 J. Novotny Biggest Damned Martini in the Universe in Venture Science Fiction July 77/2 page image John Novotny bibliography

    ‘The Moon has no atmosphere!’ Englert exploded. ‘Don’t kid yourself,’ the space flyer said. ‘I was there and I set the Moon Queen down right on that atmosphere. They can change all the text books.’

  • 2012 H. Hickam Crater xxxi. 257 Homer H. Hickam, Jr. bibliography

    Betty and Tommy shook off their disappointment, not that they had much choice. Tommy crossed over to the inner hatch and swung it open to let their returning tourists go aboard the scramferry. Veteran space flyers now, they greeted B&T with grins, nods, handshakes, and cheerful asides, and slipped them envelopes that surely contained tips.

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in Wonder Stories

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