fanette n.

a female fan; = fanne n.


Originally in use as a sports term.

The 1953 quots. refer to the Fanettes, an all-female club organized by Marion Cox, which was briefly active at this time; see Fanettes.

SF Fandom

  • [1907 Nashville Tennessean 28 July iv. 4/4 (headline)

    Baseball Explained to Fanettes…. I have read your baseball stories to my husband every Sunday for months. I laugh when he does, but must confess I don’t understand many of the stories. Would you please write me how to play baseball so a woman can understand it?]

  • [1930 New Movie Magazine Nov. 31/2 page image

    [He] is ruggedly handsome enough to please all the fanettes and make them just a little afraid of him.]

  • 1941 L. Shaw Way I See It! in Sun Spots Feb. 37 page image Larry T. Shaw

    America’s number one fanette, Morojo.

  • 1941 ‘Sergeant Saturn’ Letter in Startling Stories Sept. 127 page image Sergeant Saturn

    Every second and fourth Saturday we meet at 831 Central Avenue in Alameda at 7:30 sharp. Come on, guys and gals, meet fandom’s top fans and most beautiful fanette. There are authors, artists and amateur editors.

  • 1948 J. Newman Whitcon in Fantasy Advertiser July 14/1 page image John Newman

    Everyone was talking, enjoying the convention hugely. At this point it might be worth while to mention that only one fanette, Miss Daphne Bradley, came along, although a number of the fans’ wives were present.

  • 1953 K. Kruse Cornsqueezin’s from the Still House in Zeitschrift für vollständigen Unsinn (#771) Feb. 2/1 page image

    I Hate Dave Hammond, Part Two. He is a friend of Marian Cox, that arch-Fanette, and gave her my name. I refuse absolutely to have anything whatsoever to do with the Fanettes, Femzine, or anything else of that sort. It would be a good idea if there weren’t many fannes, but since the membership of the Tasfic was 20% female, it doesn’t make any sense. Or what do you think? Says she, raising a hyper-zap gun.

  • 1953 M. Wolf Fandora’s Box in Imagination Dec. 153/2 page image Mari Wolf

    The issue of girls in fandom is taken up with someone on the editorial staff writing ‘What’s Wrong With All-Girl Fan Clubs?’ And Marian Cox, founder of the all-fanne club, the Fanettes, writes in their defense. A lively controversy.

  • 1958 Global Roundup in Etherline (#69) Apr. 7 page image

    Larry Shaw, editor of INFINITY, on honeymoon trip with wife Lee (nee Hoffman), topline US fanette; and Ellis Mills from Ohio, now stationed in Germany in the US forces.

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