weird science n.

a genre that combines elements of weird with science fiction

SF Criticism


  • 1927 Weird Tales Feb. 154 (advt.) page image

    A spawning horror was loosed on the world, threatening to wipe out all life upon the Earth, both animal and human — a gripping weird-science tale by the author of ‘The Metal Giants’ and ‘The Atomic Conquerors’.

  • 1930 N. Williams Letter in Weird Tales June 732 page image Nelson Williams bibliography

    Edmond Hamilton ranks as a close second to Kline, in weird science literature.

  • 1948 Weird Tales Jan. 5 (advt.) page image

    THE RADIUM POOL! A pool of mystery — a pool of Life. Adventure combined with weird science in a startling book that you will not be able to lay down ’til you have read the last exciting word.

  • 1958 Never Far from Karloff in Famous Monsters of Filmland (#2) 51/2 page image

    Philip Wylie turned ‘Dr. Moreau’ into a screenplay called THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, and Charles Laughton gave Bela Lugosi a bad time in it till Bela got his band of beast-men together and paid Laughton back. In this weird-science thriller Lugosi was the product of speeded up evolution, a half-man half-wolf as might happen after thousands of years of Nature’s experimentation aided by science.

  • [1985 D. Elfman Weird Science (song, perf. ‘Oingo Boingo’) on Dead Man’s Party (song lyrics) page image

    Magic and technology, voodoo dolls and chants, electricity, we’re makin’ weird science. Fantasy and microchips, shootin’ from the hip, something different, we’re makin’ weird science.]

  • 1991 J. C. Bunnell Transreal! in Amazing Stories Sept. 80/3 (review) page image John C. Bunnell bibliography

    If you’re looking for SF with a high weird-science quotient, Transreal! will certainly deliver. Be warned, however, that Rudy Rucker’s writing is an acquired taste.

  • 1999 D. Mathew Brotherly Love and Other Tales of Faith and Knowledge in Interzone (#150) Dec. 60/1 (review) page image David Mathew bibliography

    ‘The Terrestrial Fancy’ is a long science-fiction novella; ‘Jimmy’ deals with American small-town paranoia; and weird science is the subject of ‘Anachrona.’

  • 2008 T. Lee Appleseed Ex Machina in Interzone (#217) Aug. 54/2 (review) page image Tony Lee bibliography

    The basic story is world-shaking weird science, with a mad scientist’s alternative scheme to prevent wars, and enforce world peace, using more drastic viral-cybernetic methods than the diplomacy that Athena & Co would prefer.

  • 2017 S. Gable Introduction in S. Gable & C. Dombrowski Ride the Star Wind: Cthulhu, Space Opera, & the Cosmic Weird 2 page image Scott Gable bibliography

    We wanted stories still attached firmly (mostly) to the firmament of the cosmic weird you already know—with monsters, both new and old, cults, sanity-stripping secrets, and that thin veneer of normalcy through which leaks the unknown. But to this, we’ve added the trappings of space opera—space travel, high-octane adventure, a bit of friendly banter, and a big ol’ heaping pile of weird science.

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