space flyer n. 1

a spacecraft

Now rare.


  • 1911 H. Gernsback Ralph 124C 41+ in Modern Electrics Nov. 516/1 page image Hugo Gernsback bibliography

    He knew now that Fernand 60O 10 had carried off his sweetheart in a space-flyer and that the machine by this time was probably far out from the earth’s boundary, headed for unknown parts, where it would be practically impossible to follow without knowing the direction of the fleeing machine.

  • 1927 H. Gernsback Space Flying in Amazing Stories Nov. 725/2 page image Hugo Gernsback bibliography

    It is one thing to construct a practical space flyer which fits many conditions theoretically, but it is another thing altogether to navigate it successfully in space.

  • 1930 H. Gernsback Stations in Space in Air Wonder Stories Apr. 869/1 page image Hugo Gernsback

    Once the space flyer has reached the critical speed, it will continue to revolve around the earth.

  • 1941 Cosmic Stories May

    For some minutes he strolled erratically, this way and that, then, seized with a sudden inspiration sidled close to the side of the great spaceflyer lying in its cradle.

  • 1953 Science Fiction Plus Dec. 64/1 page image

    Twenty or more Earth stations, about six of which would maintain radio contact with the space-flyer.

  • 1979 F. Saberhagen Some Events in the Templar Radiant in Destinies Aug.–Sept. 87 page image Fred Saberhagen bibliography

    I see you have a private space flyer here. Do you use it to go out to the Radiant?

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