terraformation n.

= terraforming n.

  • 1971 B. M. Stableford In the Kingdom of the Beasts (1974) 51 page image Brian Stableford bibliography

    The idea of terraformation did occur to me, but I rejected it.

  • 1975 H. Peirce High Yield Bondage in Galaxy Aug. 80/1 page image Hayford Peirce bibliography

    India…announced from Gandhi-opolis-on-the-Grand-Canal that the terraformation of Mars had begun.

  • 1983 B. Sterling Cicada Queen in T. Carr Universe 13 163 page image Bruce Sterling bibliography

    Lichens would drench Mars in one green-gold tidal wave of life. They would creep irresistibly from the moist craters of the iceteroid impacts, proliferating relentlessly amid the storms and earthquakes of terraformation.

  • 1984 I. Asimov The World of the Red Sun in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 119 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    Life begins relatively close to a star and…in red-giant time, retreat to the outer regions would involve such extensive terraformation as to be prohibitive.

  • 1999 B. Stableford Hidden Agendas in Asimov’s Science Fiction Sept. 80 page image Brian Stableford bibliography

    It would be the logical means for intelligent species to use in beginning the colonization of other worlds—what used to be called Terraformation.

  • 2015 R. Morrison Terrorformer (Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor) (unpaged) page image

    When the tower fell, it severed the connection that Rann-Korr was using to manipulate the terra-sphere. With that connection gone, we used the Tardis as a conduit to reverse-engineer the terraformation.

  • 2023 E. Nesvold Off-Earth vi. 103

    Terraformation is the ultimate example of long-term planning, as even optimistic estimates predict it would take centuries of effort and patience before a human could walk unprotected on the surface of Mars.

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