time war n.

= changewar n.

Sometimes in reference to specific works or events, as the TimeWars series of Simon Hawke; the Last Great Time War, a conflict in the Doctor Who universe; etc.

Time Travel

  • 1950 P. Anderson Flight to Forever in Super Science Stories Nov. 22/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Among other things they forbade was time travel. But it had never been popular with anyone since the Time War, when a defeated Directorate army had leaped from the twenty-third to the twenty-fourth century and wrought havoc before their attempt at conquest was smashed.

  • 1953 C. E. Maine Highway J in Planet Stories Nov. 16/2 page image Charles Eric Maine bibliography

    Next thing there’ll be time wars—with the people of one age fighting other people of another age, who are either unborn or long dead.

  • 1960 L. Carter Have Time, Will Travel! in Fantastic Universe Jan. 101/1 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    Fritz Leiber, Jr.…had two obscure, opposed races called the Snakes and the Spiders fighting a time-war using humans plucked from a wide variety of erats who zoomed around the timestream assassinating Cleopatra, kidnapping the infant Einstein, etc., changing history in the future.

  • 1972 H. Harrison Cast-Iron Rat in Worlds of If Feb. 85/2 page image Harry Harrison bibliography

    He was alive. I had wiped out his organization in this happy year of 1975 A.D. but He had gone on to bigger and worse nastiness in another era. The time war was on again.

  • 1987 I. Watson Milk of Knowledge in Aboriginal Science Fiction Sept.–Oct. 59/2 page image Ian Watson bibliography

    It is the fate of history itself—and therefore of the present—at the hands of whoever goes in…. A sort of wildly dangerous time-war is going on.

  • 1998 P. Brazier in Interzone (#130) Apr. 62/3 page image Paul Brazier

    A rather charmingly ordinary story about criminals setting up a time path back to Babylon in order to provoke a time war that Benny has to avert.

  • 2019 A. El-Mohtar & M. Gladstone This Is How You Lose the Time War (title) Amal El-Mohtar Max Gladstone bibliography

    This Is How You Lose the Time War.

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