time warp v.

transitive to transport (something) from one time to another by a time warp; also intransitive with reflexive or passive meaning

Time Travel

  • 1969 This Magazine is about Schools 3 127

    By this time I was convinced that Chicago was inhabited exclusively by the hopelessly square and had been time-warped back into the mid-thirties.

  • 1974 Times 22 Aug. 6

    He pauses in his narrative and time-warps it back to South Staffs.

  • 1980 Questar June 10/3 page image

    Here she is seen aboard her star ship, battling enemy ships with her lasers and time-warping her way to some great fun.

  • 1985 T. Crawley Tony Crawley’s Things To Come in Starburst Magazine (#86) Oct. 6/2 page image

    The Japanese have been time-warping whole armies from one century to another.

  • 1989 N. Spinrad On Books in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 179/1 page image Norman Spinrad

    He is using a kind of converse of the historical discontinuity device by time-warping his far-future civilization and its highly-evolved characters into a story that largely takes place on and around a rather familiar post-catastrophe Earth.

  • 2004 Q Sept. 116/2

    Its outdated human beat box is time-warped from 1987 and leaves it stranded miles from the funk concept album.

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