Terrestrial n. 2

a language or dialect spoken on Earth; a universal language spoken widely by Earth people; Earthian n. 2, Terran n. 2



  • [1931 C. Cloukey In the Spacesphere in Wonder Stories June 32/1 page image Charles Cloukey bibliography

    Even when his name was phonetically transliterated into Terrestrial spelling, he kept the same system.]

  • [1938 M. W. Wellman Dream-Dust from Mars in Thrilling Wonder Stories i. 18/1 page image Manly Wade Wellman bibliography

    ‘You feel that you recognize my name,’ rose the stilted purr of the Martian’s voice, shaped into terrestrial words by an artificial larynx set in the air passage among the petals of Xaoi’s face.]

  • 1944 ‘S. Fleming’ Doorway to Kal-Jmar in Planet Stories Winter 24/1 page image Damon Knight bibliography

    ‘Kalis methra,’ he began haltingly, ‘seltin guna getal.’ ‘Yes, there is air here,’ said the Martian leader, startlingly. ‘Not enough for your use, however, so do not open your helmets.’ Syme swore amazedly. ‘I thought you said they didn’t speak Terrestrial,’ Tate said. Syme ignored him. ‘We had our reasons for not doing so,’ the Martian said.

  • 1948 F. Brown Knock in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 139/1 page image Fredric Brown bibliography

    The rest of his life, or as the Zan had quaintly expressed it, for-ev-er…. The Zan had learned to speak Terrestrial English in a matter of hours but they persisted in separating syllables.

  • 1950 P. Anderson Helping Hand in Astounding Science Fiction May 15/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Mentally, for a moment of wry amusement, Skorrogan rendered a few lines into Terrestrial [...] It didn’t work. It wasn’t only that the metallic rhythm and hard barking syllables were lost, the intricate rhyme and alliteration, though that was part of it—but it just didn’t make sense in Terrestrial. The concepts were lacking. How could you render, well, such a word as vorkansraavin as faring and hope to get more than a mutilated fragment of meaning? Psychologies were simply too different.

  • 1957 J. Harmon Break a Leg in Galaxy Science Fiction Nov. 129/1 page image Jim Harmon bibliography

    Charlie’s words were being translated into the native language, of course, but Bronoski’s collars and mine switched them back into Terrestrial.

  • 1959 P. Anderson Message in Secret in Fantastic Dec. 8/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    ‘I zuppose it was de, you zay, contrazt.’ He spoke Terrestrial Anglic with a thick accent.

  • 1960 B. W. Aldiss X for Exploitation in New Worlds (#92) Mar. 25 page image Brian W. Aldiss bibliography

    Take a note. Translate it into terrestrial, get it up into Transmissions as soon as possible, see it is circulated to all native contractors concerned.

  • 1963 K. Laumer Mightiest Qorn in Worlds of If July 69/2 page image Keith Laumer bibliography

    ‘You should have known better than to tackle that fierce-looking creature,’ Zubb said, pointing his beak at Magnan. ‘How does it happen that you speak Terrestrial?’ Retief asked. ‘Oh, one picks up all sorts of dialects.’ ‘It’s quite charming, really,’ Magnan said. ‘Such a quaint, archaic accent.’

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