hooman n.

a human (used by, or in (implied) reference to, non-humans)

Also as adj.

The spelling hooman is found from the early 19th century representing a dialectal pronunciation of human.

  • 1943 N. S. Bond Castaways of Eros in Planet Stories Winter iii. 73/1 page image Nelson S. Bond bibliography

    Moles be durned! It’s hooman-bein’s, that’s what it is. In-trudin’ on our propity!

  • 1947 E. Hamilton Star of Life in Startling Stories Jan. iv. 23/1 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    [I]nterplanetary space was soon conquered. And later, interstellar space also was conquered by the invention of the space-split drive that makes almost any speed possible. That opened up the stars of the galaxy to colonization by Earthmen. So a great, wide-spread Hooman civilization advanced through many star-systems. It now embraces a large part of the galaxy, being ruled by a government of the Federated Suns.

  • 1953 ‘Editor’ in Startling Stories Jan. 135/1 (response to letter) page image bibliography

    It’s just hoo-man nature you’re dealing with.

  • 1973 M. Bishop Death & Designation Among Asadi in Worlds of If Feb. 26/2 page image Michael Bishop bibliography

    Look, Chaney, you don’t have to insist on 100% nonassociation with us. You’ve been gone almost two months. A conversation or two with genuine hoo-man beans won’t destroy your precious ethnography. Let us drop you a radio. You can use it in the evenings. If you want it, send up a flare tomorrow night before all three moons have risen and I’ll copter it out to the drop point the next day.

  • 1980 ‘J. Tiptree, Jr.’ Slow Music in Out of the Everywhere, & Other Extraordinary Visions (1981) 145 page image James Tiptree, Jr. bibliography

    ‘No more hoomans,’ the big yellow horse said scornfully. ‘Hoomans finish.’ ‘You’re wrong there, too. There’ll be a lot more humans. I am making them, see?’ She patted her stomach.

  • 1989 C. Rowley Founder xliv. 228 page image Christopher Rowley bibliography

    Finally the boat was complete, the ceramaze still bonding. Igi clasped hands with the ‘hoomans’ and beckoned them to his fire. The storm was a lot closer and the winds were strong. The fire restarted easily as Igi piled on bits of blue knuckoo.

  • 2005 ‘R. Caine’ Universe on a Budget in Farscape Forever!: Sex, Drugs and Killer Muppets 155 page image Rachel Caine bibliography

    [Earth as a travel destination] ENTERTAINMENT: Hoomans have a wonderful and thriving entertainment industry. In fact, this often seems to be the only thing that Hoomans do. If you can adapt to the rapid cultural shifts that seem to occur with dizzying speed on this world, as well as the wide variety of indigenous languages and nations, you might well have a very good time. Note: Television is particularly addictive.
    Leisure Activities: ★★★★
    Cultural Value:★★★

  • 2020 ‘weizhong’ SCP-2775 in SCP Foundation (website) page image

    SCP-2775: Oh, hey. I’ve got a couple human specimens here that don’t work. I tried turning them off and on again, but that didn’t work, and when I tried to take one apart to figure out what was going on with it, it just died. Foundation: I’m so sorry to hear that sir [...] Are you sure you bought from a licensed vendor? SCP-2775: Well duh, I mean, I paid good money for these things. Look, it says ‘HOOMAN’ right across the side of this thing. Foundation: Sir, I believe that you’ve bought some unlicensed, knockoff brand humans that are not endorsed by our company.

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