lasgun n.

= laser gun n.


  • 1965 F. Herbert Dune 119 page image Frank Herbert bibliography

    Out! Now! This is a command from your Duke! On the double or I’ll cut that crawler apart with a lasgun! [Ibid. 162] Another…followed and stood in the doorway with drawn lasgun. [Ibid. 165] Jessica saw the glint of starlight on a lasgun in his hand.

  • 1969 P. Meadows Pater One Pater Two in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 91/2 page image Patrick Meadows bibliography

    ‘You have no lasguns, no weapons of any kind. Except this.’ He pointed to a dagger from Jacson’s waistband. [Ibid. 93/2] There was a flurry of activity on the road toward the marble remains. At least one lasgun had been fired.

  • 1969 E. C. Tubb Quarry in Vision of Tomorrow Dec. 4/2 page image E. C. Tubb bibliography

    No rocket-missiles, no lasguns, nothing but a short-range weapon with open sights.

  • 1974 W. K. Carlson Night Watch in Vertex Apr. 6 page image William K. Carlson bibliography

    The Enemy is becoming desperate as we continue to kill him in the night with our captured lasguns, and our spears, arrows, knives, hands, and teeth!

  • 1984 J. Richards Deadtime in T. Carr Universe 14 141 page image Joel Richards bibliography

    Samuels produced a lasgun which he handed to the commissioner. Barbro looked at Curley and the lasgun. As of now that gun had never been fired.

  • 1992 W. Bradley Elf Gets Irritable in Interzone (#56) Feb. 65/2 page image Wendy Bradley bibliography

    Sagan turns to Maigrey and fires a lasgun at her. Kazam—end of episode.

  • 1998 Warhammer 40,000 (1999) 61 page image

    Las Weapons…. Lasguns are driven by a fast discharge generator, which comprises most of a lasgun’s mechanism and stores energy for each shot. Actual beam energy is regulated to prevent overpowering, making the lasgun very reliable…. There are many different designs of lasgun and pistol, and most worlds produce their own versions.

  • 2016 I. St Martin Deathwatch (Warhammer 40,000) 196 page image Ian St Martin bibliography

    He cradled his own lasgun with the easy comfort earned through a life of soldiery.

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